Hall For Hire

Charles Plimmer Hall at Innermost Gardens is about 100-square metres suitable for community events, workshops, meetings , yoga and more. 

We want our venue to be used by as many parts of the community as possible and offer some of the most competitive value hire rates in Wellington.  

We hire to a number of community groups, many with regular, ongoing bookings. The hall is not for hire for adult evening/birthday parties.

To keep rates down our hall is administered by community volunteers, and cleaned by those who hire it. We expect everyone to respect the space, and leave it as you find it.  


Our rates are:

1 hour           $15

Half day      $50

Full day       $100

Full evening    $50


All rates are calculated by rounding up to the next hour, and hire time should also include set up and clean up for your event, as well as the event itself. 

To make a booking

Please email us to inquire about availability, including your name, email and phone contact, and dates and times you are hoping to book the hall, and the type of event that you will be hosting.  We will check the schedule and respond.


Cancellations within seven days of the event will incur a penalty of 50% of the booking fee, and cancellations within two days of the booking will forfeit the full rental fee.


Guidelines for using the hall